IMG_8170 (1) Frankie was 9 months old this weekend, 6th August and Frankie is certainly very happy with his Life In Marbs. He was born in Jimenez de La Frontera but moved to Marbella on the …. February. He hasn’t looked back since and has been enjoying all the local restaurants, where he had become quite a celebrity. Every night he walks down to and along the beach, which he absolutely loves as he plays in the golden and cooler sand late at night Walking in either direction are a plethora of great quality, inexpensive beach bars and restaurants most specializing in fish dishes but also great for steaks and salads Highly recommended are :- south beach Frankie South Beach with its lovely shabby chic interior and exterior combining the beach theme.
Great views, lovely array of food dishes, fabulous cocktails and friendly staff. Bono beach with its beach club feel, large sun beds, great tuna Tataki and tartare and fabulous burgers.
Staff are always friendly especially Fernando who is a gem. karma beach Frankie Karma beach, wonderfully low key beach club with very tasty Asian tapas.
Especially to be recommended is the sweet chili chicken. Cocktails are 2 for 1 between 5 and 6 pm. arenal beach Frankie Arenal Beach, Very stylish , exquisite and unique ambiance, delightful staff, Gorgeous food.
Great properties in this area include :-

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